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Bottomline - Marine Electronics Forum - iboats 2.01 Tournament Chairman 4 2.02 Tournament Operations - Committee and Chairman 5 2.03 Finance Committee 5 2.04 Grounds Committee 7 2.05 Hospitality Committee 8 2.06 Publicity Committee 9 2.07 Registration Committee 12 2.08 Safety Committee (See IWSF Rule 7) 15 3.01 Chief Judge 18 3.02 Appointed Judges 18 3.03 Homologator 19 3.04 Drivers 19 3.05 Scorers 19 3.06 Safety Director (Refer to Safety Director's Manual and Rule 7) 20 3.07 Dock Starter 20 3.08 Meter Readers 21 3.09 Master Board Operators 22 3.10 Runners 23 3.11 Pick-Up Boat Drivers and Riders (Refer to Procedures for Pick-Up Boat Operation) 23 3.12 Announcers 23 4.01 Selection of the Site 27 4.02 Tournament Layout 28 4.03 Slalom Course 28 4.04 Construction and Installing the Jump Ramp 29 4.05 Trick Course 31 4.06 Towlines (Rule 10.04) 31 4.07 Towboats (See Rule 10.01) 31 4.08 Gas and Oil 32 4.09 Communications 32 4.10 Electronic Timing 33 4.11 Other Equipment 33 6.01 Familiarization 36 6.02 Starting Time 36 6.03 The Jump Event (See Rule 13) 36 6.04 The Slalom Event (Rule 14) 37 6.05 The Trick Event (Rule 15) 38 6.06 Alcoholic Beverages 39 Fure 1 - General Tournament Site Layout 40 Fure 1A - Overlapped Slalom Course for Short Lakes 41 Fure 1B - Overlapped Courses for Small Lakes 42 Fure 2 - Buoy Anchoring Methods 43 Fure 3 - Floating Judges Tower 43 Fure 4 - Typical Judges Stand Layout 44 Attachment 1 - IWSF Approved Towboats 45 Attachment 2 - General Pre-Tournament Checklist 46 Attachment 3 - Tournament Event Checklists 47 Attachment 4 - Jump Event Officials Forms 48 Attachment 5 - Slalom Event Officials Forms 52 Attachment 6 - Trick Event Officials Forms 55 Attachment 7 - Tournament Operation Script 56 Attachment 8 - Tournament Schedule 59 Attachment 9 - IWSF Regional Administrations 60 Attachment 10 Homologation Dossier 61 Attachment 11 Familiarization Schedule 68 Attachment 12 Homologators Handbook 69 INTERNATIONAL WATER SKI FEDERATION OFFICIAL WATER SKI TOURNAMENT MANUAL JUNE 1992 This manual is adapted from the American Water Ski Association Official Tournament Manual. Bottomline 3100 Fish Finder Manual Needed · Boat Topics and Questions not. 0, Want to buy Bottomline Tournament Master NCC 5300 - need head unit.

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Tennis Manual - HSAU The American Water Ski Association has provided the IWSF with an electronic media copy of the manual as well as permission to modify and distribute it. Decide what class tournament you wish to hold (See IWSF 1991 Rules page 58 for International Classification. In dual meets and tournament play, when teams are to play. seeded girl shall have her name placed on the bottom line of the lower bracket.

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Boys & girls lp soccer tournament managers This manual would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of the American Water Ski Association The intent of this manual is to provide instruction and reference material for the basic operation of a ski tournament from the local level up to the International Level. The IWSF Regional Administration must be contacted for approval of an International Class Tournament. You may select any name you wish for your meet; however, no name which implies that it is an IWSF Region or World Championships is permitted unless approved by the IWSF. Clear the date of the tournament with your National Federation. (Note: Procedures for officials selection differ in each IWSF Region and Federation. LP TOURNAMENT MANAGERS MANUAL. drawn to the bottom line and wear dark jerseys, even though the game is played on its.

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GPS info Since the manual is meant for use throughout the world, it has been made as general as possible recognizing that the situation my differ greatly throughout the world as far as National Federation Policy and Procedures and Governmental Rules and Regulations. Consult your National Federation for National or Local Classification). They are interested in avoiding conflicting dates so it is possible that you may be asked to consider an alternate date. Contact your National Federation to verify the correct procedure for officials selection.) g. It is desirable to obtain sanction application forms from your National Federation Headquarters as early as possible to meet deadlines and to make sure that materials supplied by the Federation arrive in time. Fure 2. Tournament 1100 Display. Congratulations on your purchase of the Bottom Line Tournament 1100 . Warranty card back page of this manual.

Basic Elements <b>Bottom</b> <b>Line</b> <b>Tournament</b> 5100 Boating

Basic Elements Bottom Line Tournament 5100 Boating It is always best to work closely with your National Federation to ensure that all the appropriate steps have been taken. Apply for marine event permit from the local marine authority governing the body of water on which the event is being held, if such permission is required. If you are sponsoring your first sanctioned tournament, be sure to work closely with your National Federation to avoid any problems. "Hold Harmless" clause such as following example: Please accept my entry in the events marked (X) below in the above named tournament. Basic Elements Bottom Line Tournament 5100. a b screen for split views, and easy manual adjustments-features that excite serious coastal.

WFDF <b>Tournament</b> Director's <b>Manual</b>

WFDF Tournament Director's Manual Many of the described procedures may either be limited or expanded depending on the specific circumstances. A special sanction application may be required if you are sponsoring a Record Capability or Cash Prize tournament. In consideration of your accepting this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and/or for the minor for whom I am sning: (1) Release and forever discharge the sponsoring club of the above named tournament, the (your National Federation), and any television broadcasting or news gathering agency that may be assned rhts to cover the tournament, their agents, servants, and all persons connected with these competitions of and from any and all rhts, claims, demands and actions of any and every nature whatsoever that I may have, for any and all loss, damage, or injury sustained by me or my equipment or by the minor for whom I am sning or by his equipment before during and after said competitions; (2) grant to the (your National Federation) or its agents or assns the exclusive rht to use any photographs, television pictures or tapes, silent or sound motion pictures taken of me (or the minor for whom I am sning) before during and after above named competitions in connection with the news or publicity coverage of the tournament or in connection with movies of, or the televising of the above named tournament; (3) agree that the(your National Federation) or its agents or assns shall have the exclusive rht to permit, control or prohibit advertising material of any kind on equipment, clothing, or property of the undersned (or the minor for whom I am sning) used, worn, or displayed at the site of the above named tournament, before, during, or after the tournament. WFDF Tournament Director's Manual –July 2000 - Charlie Mead, Chair WFDF Ultimate Committee. line with tournament requirements. format. The bottom 2 or 3 teams in the orinal pool play shall advance to Division 2.

Axe <em>Manual</em> - Shockwave Board - Paintball

Axe Manual - Shockwave Board - Paintball Fill out all sanction application forms carefully being sure to follow instructions. I or the minor for whom I am sning further understand, appreciate, and accept the potential risk of personal injury inherent in participating in said competitions. The Empire AXE utilizes a bottom-line regulator that doubles as an on/off. The AXE must be Off and the Tournament Lock must be Off to begin managing the.

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Introduction Installation and Maintenance Functions an - GPS INTRODUCTION. Congratulations on your purchase of the Bottom Line Tournament 4300 . Warranty card back page of this manual. INSTALLATION.

IWSF <i>Tournament</i> <i>Manual</i> - International Water Ski

IWSF Tournament Manual - International Water Ski Adapted from the American Water Ski Association Tournament Handbook with gratitude for the help. The bottom should gradually slope up to the shore line.

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Introduction. - GPS info Fure 2. Tournament 1101 Display. Congratulations on your purchase of the Bottom Line Tournament 1101 . Warranty card back page of this manual.

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