Oregon tax refund manual review

Manual Review Oregon Department of Revenue's Refund Delay. A state computer red-flagged an allegedly fraudulent .1 million tax refund, but "human error" allowed the scam to slip through the Oregon Department of Revenue, a spokesman for the state agency said Thursday. Jun 17, 2013. If you have an overpayment of over 00 on your Oregon tax return, be forewarned – the Oregon Department of Revenue may sit on your.

Oregon State Refund "Under Manual Review". - H&R Block. As a result, the department will look at all b tax refunds -- "starting with the bgest and working our way down" -- to make sure it hasn't missed more cases where people have swindled the state out of large sums of money, said Derrick Gasperini, communications director for the department. Feb 5, 2017. Yesterday I was notified that Oregon accepted my return and today I was notified that my state taxes are "Under Manual Review". Anyone.

Oregon Where's My Refund? Officials also will review internal controls, he said. Jan 19, 2015. TJ4061. I filed my state taxes on February 2, still nothing says its being processed. However my Oregon return is still sitting in manual review.

Oregon tax refund manual review:

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