2008 dodge challenger srt8 owners manual

Used Dodge Challenger for sale in Nashville, TN There was a time when a muscle car’s only traction control was in your rht foot; when the human utricle and saccule were the world’s finest yaw sensors. And it works: the Challenger's overtly chunky, hunky proportions still have the requisite long hood and short deck– even if the visual weht below the beltline gives it a staid and static appearance. Challenger SRT8 392 2D Coupe SRT HEMI 6.4L V8 MDS RWD and Stinger Yellow Clearcoat. most sought after used vehicles on the market because it NEVER lets owners down. Orange; RWD; Tremec 6-Speed Manual; HEMI 5.7L V8 VVT; Coupe. Well look no further than this good-looking 2008 Dodge Challenger.

Dodge Challenger Parts and Accessories Automotive. While the orinal Challenger tucked away unnecessary belly fat and sported pencil thin bumpers, the new “LY” platformed Challenger ditches the Hank Aaron School of Muscle, heading straht for Barry Bond’s homerun bustin’ persona. We found 13,942 products that fit the 2008 Dodge Challenger, in these categories Maintenance & Repair 4,894. See All Products in Maintenance & Repair.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 - First Drive - Motor Trend Fast forward to the frenzied pace of the Barrett-Jackson Pimp-O-Rama and the next logical iteration was obvious: the Challenger is now a true Muscle Car. The muscle-bound MOPAR hails from the Chrysler LX platform, shot into the limelht by Ralph Gilles and his gangsta-fresh Chrysler 300. Read our complete review of the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8. One if not both of the V-8s will be offered with a manual transmission.

Octane in the Membrane - 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T Long-Term. And when Dodge’s pony car performance met (and lost to) emissions controls and fuel economy, the little demon turned into a compact luxury coupe of questionable Mitsubishi heritage. Approaching the b beast is a suitably daunting task. AFuel Octane Saga is currently swirling around our 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T. 1 The owner's manual references our R/T's fuel requirement in TWO places.

2008 dodge challenger srt8 owners manual:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates

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