Pontiac vibe manual transmission noise

Clutch problem? Archive - Straht Dope Message A version stamped C50X11a is found in the Australian market 2007 Yaris and it has the same ratios as listed for C54. My 2003 Pontiac Vibe sister car of Toyota Matrix has 80,000 miles on it. The fluid level of a manual transmission will not have any effect on.

Pontiac Vibe Start-up Rattle / Knock - A version stamped C50-M1 used in the 2000–02 MR2 Spyder model has the ratios as listed for C52 Gear ratios for this transmission. This is my 2009 Pontiac Vibe, 1.8L 2ZR-FE engine. This is video evidence of the motor exhibiting the cold-start rattle that is prevalent in all.

Pontiac vibe manual transmission 2003 - A 6-Speed Manual Transmission for FWD cars, and includes an optional helical limited slip differential. This is a relatively common problem with the 03-04 Vibe/Matrix/Corolla.

Pontiac Vibe Bearing Noise 7 Complaints - Transmissions with an identification code ending with 12C are LSD equipped. A Limited Slip Differential is offered only in the Levin BZ-R and Trueno BZ-R. The 2003 Pontiac Vibe has 7 complaints for bearing noise. Vibe 1.8L. Manual transmission; 73,000 miles. noise started quietly last week and is getting.

Pontiac Vibe Transmission Failure 4 My 2003 Pontiac Vibe (sister car of Toyota Matrix) has 80,000 miles on it. Days ago. The 2003 Pontiac Vibe has 4 complaints for transmission failure. No one has added a helpful site for this 2003 Vibe problem yet. Be the. Vibe. Manual transmission; 140,000 miles. Having to repair my transmission AGAIN.

ToyotaMatrix Transmission Problems awd - For the last two days, withing the first five miles of driving cold, and only in 6th gear, it seems as though the clutch slips for only a second. ToyotaMatrix Transmission Problems awd. Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix Transmission Filter and Fluid Change - Duration.

Toyota C transmission - pedia For that second the engine revs up an extra 400 or 600 rpm, spools back down, and doesn't do it again. Clutch pedal seems to have normal movement, and engages around where it always did. Toyota Motor Corporation's C family is a family of manual transmissions built for small to. This gearbox is known to develop a fifth gear pop-out problem as it ages. 2005–2006; Toyota Matrix XRS 2003–2006; Pontiac Vibe GT 2003–2006.

Pontiac Vibe Warning Reviews - Top 10 Pontiac Vibe Problems Report Includes. at 57,000 miles 5-speed manual transmission failed. dealer helped because out of warranty so it cost 00 for.

Pontiac Vibe Questions - I have a 2003 manual I have a 2003 manual transmission Vibe. - Currently it is making a humming noise when I pull forward from a stop. I had it checked by a local.

Toyota Matrix 5spd Strange Whine Sound - I have a 2007 Toyota Matrix, base model. It has the 1ZZ-FE engine with the C59 manual transmission. I bought it used a little over a year ago.

Pontiac vibe manual transmission noise:

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